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SSASIM output files .TFC/.TFD/.TFR

 --- .TFC/.TFD/.TFR files contain annual values of OASDI/DI/OASI trust
                    fund statistics for one scenario specified by the
                    SSASIM OUTPUT.tfc_sc, OUTPUT.tfd_sc, and OUTPUT.tfr_sc
                    input parameters.
  year   //( 1) calendar year [$T stands for trillions of NOMIMAL dollars]
 "grt_t$", //( 2) annual general-revenue transfers ($T)
 "inc_t$", //( 3) annual income ($T) [annual income includes gen-rev transfers,
           //                         but excludes investment income]
 "inv_t$", //( 4) annual investment income ($T)
 "cst_t$", //( 5) annual cost ($T)
 "bal_t$", //( 6) end-of-year total fund balance ($T)
 "cbb_t$", //( 7) end-of-year corp. bond balance ($T) [OBSOLETE: always zero]
 "eqb_t$", //( 8) end-of-year corp. equity balance ($T)
 "inc_r%", //( 9) annual income rate (% of taxable earnings)[includes btx_r]
 "cst_r%", //(10) annual cost rate (% of taxable earnings)
 "btx_r%", //(11) annual benefit income tax rate (% of taxbl earnings)[in inc_r]
 "cpival", //(12) CPI value such that cpival=1.00 (not 100) in COHORT.cpi_year
 "tfror%"  //(13) annual rate of return on trust-fund assets (%)