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SSASIM output file .STI

 --- .STI file contains annual values of fifteen key assumption
          variables and three asset rates of return for each
          scenario year until the end of the actuarial period.
          See SSASIM input parameter documentation of TRND_MV
          table and the Operations section of the "Getting 
          Started with the RSF Toolkit" for details on how to
          control the values of these assumption variables.
 "scenar", //( 1) simulation scenario
 "year  ", //( 2) calendar year of scenario [up to end of actuarial test period]
 "   tfr", //( 3) total fertility rate (number of children)
 "   imm", //( 4) total net immigration (millions per annum)
 "   mdr", //( 5) mortality decline rate (percentage rate of decline)
 "   fpr", //( 6) female labor force participation rate (percent)
 "   mpr", //( 7) male labor force participation rate (percent)
 "   unr", //( 8) unemployment rate (percent)
 "   inf", //( 9) inflation rate (annual percent)
 "   pgr", //(10) productivity growth rate (annual percent)
 "   wsg", //(11) wage share growth rate (annual percent)
 "   hwg", //(12) hours worked growth rate (annual percent)
 "   nir", //(13) nominal interest rate (log decimal rate)
 "   dif", //(14) disability incidence factor (percentage factor)
 "   drf", //(15) disability recovery factor (percentage factor)
 "   eqr", //(16) equity return (log return before mean reversion)
 "   tbs", //(17) tbill spread (difference in log Tbill rate and log Tbond rate)
 "tbiror", //(18) nominal rate of return on Treasury bills (percent)
 "tboror", //(19) nominal rate of return on Treasury bonds (percent)
 "equror"  //(20) nominal rate of return on a broad equity index (percent)