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SSASIM output file .POP

 --- .POP file contains population statistics for each year of
          each scenario.
 "scen",     //(1) simulation scenario [1,RUN.scenarios]
 "calyr",    //(2) calendar year [RUN.year_zero,RUN.year_zero+RUN.num_years]
 "totalpop", //(3) total population (millions as of end of calendar year)
 "elderpop", //(4) elderly (aged 65+) population (millions at end of cal year)
 "  yngpop", //(5) young pop: age<=POP.maxage_yng (millions at end of cal year)
 "  midpop", //(6) middle pop: age>POP.maxage_yng and age=POP.minage_old (millions at end of cal year)
 " voldpop", //(8) very old pop: age>=POP.minagevold (millions ...)
 "ad_ratio"  //(9) aged-dependency ratio (decimal = oldpop/middlepop)