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SSASIM output file .PAY

 --- .PAY file contains values of payable-benefits percents
          for the OASI and DI program for each scenario year
          until the end of the actuarial test period.  This
          output file is most often used to simulate payable
          (as opposed to scheduled) social security benefits.
          For details, see SSASIM input parameter documentation
          on RUN.paypctfile,, and OUTPUT.pay_preyears.
 "scenar", //(1) simulation scenario
 "year  ", //(2) calendar year of scenario
 "pay_RI", //(3) OASI payable-benefits percent for scenario year
 "pay_DI"  //(4) DI payable-benefits percent for scenario year

 NOTE: year range begins with RUN.year_zero+1 and
                    ends with RUN.f_test_yr+RUN.n_test_yrs+1.