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SSASIM output file .OLC

 --- .OLC file contains aggregate values for every simulated 
          birth cohort at each age when operating in OLC mode.
scenario //( 1) simulation scenario
c_b_year //( 2) cohort birth year
coh_age  //( 3) age of cohort individuals
  // NOTE: calendar year equals c_b_year plus coh_age
pop      //( 4) population (millions of people [M])
emp      //( 5) employment (M)
tot_earn //( 6) total earnings (billion dollars per annum [$B])
cov_earn //( 7) covered earnings ($B)
tax_earn //( 8) taxable earnings ($B)
di_pytax //( 9) DI payroll taxes ($B)
ri_pytax //(10) OASI payroll taxes ($B)
unused   //(11) unused statistic that always has zero value
acctcntr //(12) social-security account contributions ($B)
acctbens //(13) social-security account withdrawals ($B)
di_ben_$ //(14) DI benefit total ($B)
di_ben_# //(15) DI beneficiaries (M)
ri_ben_$ //(16) OASI benefit total ($B)
ri_ben_# //(17) OASI beneficiaries (M)
di_btrev //(18) DI benefit income taxation revenue ($B)
ri_btrev //(19) OASI benefit income taxation revenue ($B)
  // NOTE: statistics (18-19) are valid only if GEMINI RUN.olc_it_ssb=T
inctxrev //(20) total federal income tax revenue ($B)
  // NOTE: statistic (20) is valid only if GEMINI RUN.olc_inctax=T
inctxssc //(21) total federal income tax cost of payroll tax credit ($B)
  // NOTE: statistic (21) is valid only if GEMINI RUN.olc_inctax=T