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SSASIM input table RCS

Contains information required operate the micro model in the representative cohort sample (RCS) mode. This is an optional mode of micro model operation that requires the GEMINI add-on to SSASIM. Without GEMINI, the SSASIM micro model operates either in the default exemplary cohort individuals (ECI) mode, or in the employer-sponsored pension (ESP) mode, if the optional PENSIM add-on to SSASIM is installed.

Parent table is: RUN

There are no child tables.

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SSASIM:   RCS . id
Identifies set of RCS mode information specified on this row of table, so id value should be unique.

Valid values: 1 to 999999999 (nine digits), Integer

Source code: rcs.h and rcs.cpp

SSASIM:   RCS . notes
Describes specification of table row in free-form note.

Valid values: any ASCII text (Note: do not copy and paste from a word processor because of the possibility of embedded non-ASCII characters.)

Source code: notes are not read by the model

SSASIM:   RCS . gemini_dir
Specifies database subdirectory/subfolder in which the GEMINI run used by this RCS run is located.

Valid values: enter any valid subdirectory/subfolder of the GEMINI executables directory/folder (specified in the %gemini% environment variable) without the trailing backslash; embedded spaces in subdirectory/subfolder name not allowed.

Source code: rcs.h and rcs.cpp

SSASIM:   RCS . gemini_rid
Specifies value of GEMINI run (located in RCS.gemini_dir) that is to be executed. Note that this GEMINI run must point back to the SSASIM directory that includes this RCS table row. This means that GEMINI:RUN.ssasim_dir must be the same as the current working directory where this SSASIM database is located.

Valid values: 1 to 99999 (five digits), Integer [see conditions above]

Source code: rcs.h and rcs.cpp