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SSASIM input table FR_A

Contains description of age pattern of total fertility rate. Age-specific fertility rates are equal to product of total fertility rate and age-specific fraction.

Parent table is: POPDYN

There are no child tables.

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SSASIM:   FR_A . id
Identifies set of age-specific fractions of total fertility rate, so many rows will have the same id value.

Valid values: 0 to 999999999 (nine digits), Integer

Source code: pop.h and pop.cpp

SSASIM:   FR_A . notes
Describes specification of table row in free-form note.

Valid values: any ASCII text (Note: do not copy and paste from a word processor because of the possibility of embedded non-ASCII characters.)

Source code: notes are not read by the model

SSASIM:   FR_A . age
Specifies age for which fraction of total fertility rate shown on this row refers. There must be a row for each age between the lowest and highest age specified with id value equal to the id value on this row. Fertility fractions are assumed to be zero for ages without rows.

Valid values: 0 to 99, Integer

Source code: pop.h and pop.cpp

SSASIM:   FR_A . female
Specifies fraction of total fertility rate for age specified on this row.

Valid values: 0.0 to 1.0, Real [decimal fraction; fractions for all ages with same id value must add up to 1.00000]

Source code: pop.h and pop.cpp