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SSASIM input table COVERED

Contains parameters that specify the fraction of newly-hired government-sector employees who are not social-security covered by calendar year.

Parent table is: RUN

There are no child tables.

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Identifies set of covered-worker parameters specified on this row of table, so id value should be unique for each group of rows that has a collection of cal_year values (see below).

Valid values: 1 to 999999999, Integer

Source code: tax.h and tax.cpp

Describes specification of table row in free-form note.

Valid values: any ASCII text (Note: do not copy and paste from a word processor because of the possibility of embedded non-ASCII characters.)

Source code: notes are not read by the model

SSASIM:   COVERED . cal_year
Identifies calendar year during which the covered-worker parameter specified on this table row are in effect. Calendar years for which no row exists have their parameter values calculated by linear interpolation between the closest prior year and closest subsequent year for which table rows have been specified for this id. Values for years following the last specified year are taken to be equal to values in the last specified year.

Valid values: 1940 to 2934+125, Integer

Source code: tax.h and tax.cpp

SSASIM:   COVERED . gv_uncov_f
Specifies (decimal, not percentage) fraction of newly-hired government-sector employees that are not covered under social security for the calendar year specified on this row by cal_year (see above). Note that the government sector includes employees of both state-and-local and federal governments.

Valid values: 0.0 to 1.0, Real

Source code: tax.h and tax.cpp