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SSASIM input table BEND_DI

Contains description of dynamic time-pattern of various parameters that affect DI benefits in various modes of SSASIM operation. Read each parameter description to determine in which modes of operation it is effective.

Parent table is: BEN_DI

There are no child tables.

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Identifies id of rows that contain specification of dynamic parameters that affect DI benefits. The table contains several rows with the same id and different year values so that benefit parameter dynamics can be represented.

Valid values: 1 to 999999999 (nine digits), Integer

Source code: ben_di.h and ben_di.cpp

SSASIM:   BEND_DI . notes
Describes specification of table row in free-form note.

Valid values: any ASCII text (Note: do not copy and paste from a word processor because of the possibility of embedded non-ASCII characters.)

Source code: notes are not read by the model

SSASIM:   BEND_DI . cal_year
Specifies calendar year for which the parameters specified on this row are in effect. Values of parameters are calculated by linear interpolation for years in between years for which parameters are specified with non-zero foreign-key id values or valid scalar values. Values of parameters are calculated by simple extrapolation of last values for years beyond the last year for which parameter values are specified.

Valid values: RUN.year_zero to (RUN.year_zero+RUN.num_years), Integer

Source code: ben_di.h and ben_di.cpp

SSASIM:   BEND_DI . initben_sf
Specifies percentage (not decimal) multiplicative scaling factor applied to all RBEN_DI age-gender initial benefit ratios specified in the RBEN_DI.female and RBEN_DI.male fields for the cal_year specified on this row of the BEND_DI table. Specifying a value of 100.0 leaves the RBEN_DI values unchanged; specifying 80.0 causes a twenty percent reduction in initial benefits. This parameter is effective only in the CBA mode of operation; in other modes, use the POLICY parameters to represent reforms that adjust initial benefits. NOTE: scaling factor for a given year is applied to RBEN_DI values of all ages for that year.

Valid values: 0.0 to 1000.0, Real [expressed in percentage terms]

Source code: ben_di.h and ben_di.cpp

SSASIM:   BEND_DI . cola_offst
Specifies percentage (not decimal) offset to the current-law COLA for DI benefits for the simulation year specified on this row. The actual COLA is the current-law COLA minus the offset, except that the offset cannot reduce the actual COLA below zero. This policy parameter affects DI benefits in the CBA, ECI, RCS, and OLC modes of SSASIM operation. A negative offset value implies that the actual COLA is larger than under current-law policy. It is assumed that the value of the actual COLA for DI benefits has no effect on whether or not MTE is indexed.

Valid values: -10.0 to 1000.0, Real

Source code: ben.h and ben.cpp