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PENSIM output file .PRO

--- .PRO file contains pension rollover statistics for each
         cohort sample individual.

The PENSIM file has no heading lines and no summary lines.  
The file contains a row of tab-delimited lifetime pension rollover
statistics for when an individual who is a cohort sample member ends
a job with a vested pension account balance.  This means that a cohort
individual may have zero, one, or more rows.  The "rectangular" format
of the .pro file makes it suitable for tabulating with an AWK program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A row is included in this output file only if the job
ends when the individual has not retired and has not become disabled.
In those situations, PENSIM assumes that individuals always rollover.

( 1) scenario: scenario number
( 2) individual id: individual number (starts at 1 for each scenario)
( 3) individual gender: 0 ==> male, 1 ==> female
( 4) individual education: individual's highest educational attainment
        0 ==> no high school (died before entering school)
        1 ==> high school dropout        2 ==> high school graduate
        3 ==> attended some college      4 ==> four-year college degree or
                                               graduate degree
( 5) individual age at job end (expressed as exact age in years)
( 6) annualized monthly earnings at job end (expressed as percent of
                                             current average wage index, AWI)
( 7) pension plan type: DB/CA ==> DB cash account (or cash-balance) plan
                        DC/MP ==> DC money purchase plan
                        DC/PS ==> DC profit sharing plan
                        DC/ST ==> DC savings-thrift plan
                        DC/ZM ==> DC savings-thrift plan with zero matching
( 8) vested balance (expressed as percent of current average wage index, AWI)
( 9) rollover decision: 0 ==> no rollover to retirement savings (i.e., cashout)
                        1 ==> complete rollover to retirement savings
(10) immigration-age-emigration-age-code where code=((100+iage)*1000)+eage,
     where iage (immigration age) and eage (emigration age) are coded as in
     the PENSIM .cov and GEMINI .sum output files, which means, for example,
     a native-born individual who never emigrates has a code of 1000999, 
     and an foreign-born individual who immigrates at age 25 and emigrates
     at age 29 has a code of 125029.