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PENSIM output file .LEH

--- .LEH BINARY file contains lifetime earnings history for each individual.
         See PENSIM OUTPUT table for information about how to
         specify the structure of the binary file.  Note that
         earnings are set to minus infinity (-inf) for
         individuals  who are dead or non-residents at that age.
                  Array 1: total annual earnings by age (nominal $K)
                  Array 2: OASDI-covered annual earnings by age (nominal $K)
         optional Array 3: annualized earnings at start of year for full-time
                           employees by age (nominal $K)

Lifetime earnings history contained in a binary output file
that cannot be processed by standard output analyzer (res*.exe)
programs, be viewed in a text editor (like Notepad), or be 
imported into a spreadsheet.  These binary output file can be
manipulated by the various bin*.exe utility programs, whose
documentation is available by selecting the RSF Toolkit's
Analyze menu item "Output analyzer program documentation".