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PENSIM output file .AGE

--- .AGE file contains personal information by age for each cohort 
         sample individual.

The PENSIM runNNNNN.age file has no heading lines and no summary lines.  
The file contains individual-specific information about each individual 
who is a cohort sample member.  In addition, there is age-specific 
information beginning at age equal to OUTPUT.age_minage and ending at
age equal to OUTPUT.age_maxage for each age the individual is a living
resident.  Individual records, therefore, may contain different numbers
of lines.  

The statistics on each line are separated by the tab character.  
The logical structure of an individual record is as follows:

IND LINE:   [there is an ind line for each cohort sample member]
(1) "I" (without the quotes)
(2) scenario: scenario number
(3) individual id: individual number (starts at 1 for each scenario)
(4) individual gender: 0 ==> male, 1 ==> female
(5) individual education: individual's highest educational attainment
       0 ==> no high school (died before entering school)
       1 ==> high school dropout        2 ==> high school graduate
       3 ==> attended some college      4 ==> four-year college degree or
                                              graduate degree
(6) f__age: individual's age on first age line (see age line info below)
(7) l__age: individual's age on last age line (see age line info below)
NOTE: f__age greater than l__age implies no age lines for individual

AGE LINE:   [there is an age line for each age indicated on ind line]
            [age lines for individual are arranged by ascending age]
            [age line present only for years individual is a living resident]
(1) percentage fraction of the year individual has full-time job
(2) percentage fraction of the year individual has part-time job
NOTE: 100-(1)-(2) is fraction of the year individual is not employed.
(3) individual's current marital status expressed as one-digit code:
       0 ==> never married (marriage defined as lasting at least 0.5 year)
       1 ==> currently married
       2 ==> divorced from most recent marriage
       3 ==> widowed from most recent marriage
NOTE: the longest lasting marital status during the year is reported.
(4) individual reduces work effort (full-time to part-time,
    full-time to not-employed, or part-time to not-employed) from
    start to end of the six month period centered on a child-birth or
    child-adoption event: 0 ==> no; 1 ==> yes 
NOTE: value of 1 is recorded for age of child-birth/adoption event.
NOTE: adoptions of children who are more than five years old are ignored.