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GEMINI output file .BTA

--- .BTA file contains age-indexed pretax social security benefit
         and payroll tax aggregates for the cohort sample.

The GEMINI runNNNNN.bta file has no heading lines and no summary lines.
There is one line for each age for the only scenario in the run.
The statistics on a line are separated by the tab character.

The statistics on each line are as follows:
(1) birth year of cohort sample individuals
(2) age of cohort sample individuals [0,125]
(3) aggregate OASDI pretax benefits received by native-born cohort inds at age
(4) aggregate OASDI payroll taxes paid by native-born cohort individuals at age

Benefits and taxes of foreign-born individuals in the cohort sample are 
not included in the aggregates.  Benefits and taxes are expressed in
thousands of nominal dollars per annum.  There is no inflation adjustment
to the benefit and tax aggregates.  Individual benefits and taxes (rather
than couple benefits and taxes that are adjusted by the adult-equivalent
size of the family) are used to tally the benefit and tax aggregates.
The aggregates are unweighted by the sampling weight implied by sample_pct.

IMPORTANT NOTE: be sure that each run that writes .BTA results is
simulating a solvent OASDI program over the life of the birth
cohort, otherwise the money's worth statistics computed from the
.BTA output results file using the Willingness-To-Pay CALCulator
(wtpcalc) will be meaningless.