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GEMINI output file .BAA

--- .BAA file contains pretax benefits at age AA for each
         individual who is a living resident at age AA, where the
         statistics are created from the .sum and .adq output
         files by the out2bage utility, which is operated from
         the "GEMINI Data" menu of the EDA Toolkit or from the
         command line or in a tab_script.

The runNNNNN.bAA file has no heading lines and no summary lines.
There is one line for each individual who is a living resident at
the specified age AA.

NOTE: if AA < adq.f__age, then marital status, family equivalence
scale, and earnings statistics are unknown and have a value of u.
There will be u values only when the specified age AA is less than 55.

The statistics on a line are separated by the tab character.
The value of deflator is 1/cpi, where cpi is one when pretax benefits
are expressed in nominal terms and cpi is read from the runNNNNN.cpi
file for age AA when pretax benefits are expressed in real terms (i.e.,
in SSASIM:COHORT.cpi_year dollars).  See GEMINI documentation in the
out_sum.h, out_adq.h, and out_cpi.h files for more details.

NOTE: statistics that are exactly the same as in the .sum file are
      denoted as sum[n] where n is the .sum file statistic number;
      statistics from the age-line of the .adq file are denoted as
      adqa[n] where n is the .adq age-line statistic number.  Be sure
      to consult the documentation for the .sum and .adq statistics.

The statistics (numbered in parentheses) on each line are as follows:
          // . . write runNNNNN.bAA file row with extracted statistics
          long initben = 0; // this is NOT the initial OASDI benefit amount
          if ( first_oasdi_benefit_age == age )
            initben = 1; // this age's benefit is the first OASDI benefit
          float ssb_ind = convert( adqa[2] ) * deflator;
          float ssb_cpl = convert( adqa[4] ) * deflator;
          float ern_ind = convert( adqa[5] ) * deflator;
          float ern_cpl = convert( adqa[6] ) * deflator;
          float pnb_ind = convert( adqa[7] ) * deflator;
          float pnb_cpl = convert( adqa[8] ) * deflator;
          float feqivs  = convert( adqa[9] );
          float pnc_cpl = convert( adqa[10] ) * deflator;
          float pnc_ind = convert( adqa[11] ) * deflator;
          long p_m_yrs = strtol( adqa[12], NULL, 10 );
          fprintf( outfile,
                   sum[1],   // ( 1) scenar (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[2],   // ( 2) ind_id (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[3],   // ( 3) gender (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[4],   // ( 4) educat (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[5],   // ( 5) pvearn (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[24],  // ( 6) im_age (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[25],  // ( 7) em_age (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[16],  // ( 8) do_age (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[17],  // ( 9) dr_age (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[27] );// (10) fpvear (see .sum doc for details)
          fprintf( outfile,
                   adqa[1],  // (11) marital_status (u==>unknown) (see .adq doc)
                   adqa[3],  // (12) ss_benefit_type (see .adq doc for details)
                   initben,  // (13) is_first_ss_ben (0==>no;1==>yes)
                   ssb_ind,  // (14) ss_ben_ind (above and .adq doc)
                   ssb_cpl,  // (15) ss_ben_cpl (=ss_ben_ind+ss_ben_spouse) (")
                   feqivs,   // (16) number of adult equivalents at bage (above)
                   bage,     // (17) age in this cross-sectional sample
                   pnb_ind,  // (18) total_pension_benefit_ind (above and .adq)
                   pnb_cpl,  // (19) total_pension_benefit_cpl (=ind+spouse) (")
                   ern_ind );// (20) earnings_ind (u==>unknown) (above and .adq)
          fprintf( outfile,
                   ern_cpl,  // (21) earnings_cpl (u==>unknown)(=ind+spouse)
                   sum[40],  // (22) siearn (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[41],  // (23) fsiern (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[43],  // (24) docage (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[44],  // (25) numqoc (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[12],  // (26) dieage (see .sum doc for details)
                   dcb_cpl,  // (27) DC_pen/ss_benefit_cpl (=ind+spouse)(above)
                   dcb_ind,  // (28) DC_pen/ss_benefit_ind [part of (27)]
                   p_m_yrs );// (29) current spouse's prior marriage years
          fprintf( outfile,
                   sum[46],  // (30) siearx (see .sum doc for details)
                   sum[47] );// (31) fsierx (see .sum doc for details)