Pension Projection Models

PSG Models

Three stochastic microsimulation models — PENSIM, SSASIM, GEMINI — work together seamlessly to provide an easy-to-use, well-documented, fast-running, extensively-validated, publicly-available capability for U.S. pension and social security analysis. The combination of capabilities is unique.

Pension analysis capabilities focus on the implications of employer offerings, employee behavior, and government policy for the distribution of lifetime accumulations of employer-sponsored pension wealth and the resulting retirement incomes generated by pension wealth. Details

Social security analysis capabilities focus on the implications of government policy, demographic trends, economic conditions, and individual behavior for the solvency of the trust funds and for the distribution of benefits within and across birth cohorts. Details

Federal income/payroll tax analysis capabilities focus on the aggregate and distributional implications of changes in federal income and payroll tax policy for after-tax retirement income via effects on employer-sponsored pensions and social security. Details

Analysis that combines pension and social security capabilities include a few PSG papers and some reports by well-known users of the PSG models. Recent PSG papers include an analysis of the likely impact of automatic IRAs on retirement income, and an analysis of the retirement income effects of changing the income tax treatment of DC pension contributions and withdrawals.

Current Version

2/17/16 version of the PSG models is stable and is recommended for all users.

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